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Session 1 01 Introduction to the SongSession 2 02 Encountering Jesus in the Greatest Prophetic Song (Song 1:1)Session 3 03 The Divine Kiss: Transformed by the Word (Bridal Paradigm) (Song 1:2)Session 4 04 An Overview of the Storyline of the Song of SolomonSession 5 05 God’s Love Is Better Than the Wine of This World (Song 1:2)Session 6 06 God’s Superior Love: How God Feels about Us (Song 1:2)Session 7 07 The Fragrance of Jesus (Song 1:3)Session 8 08 The Bride’s Life Vision (Song 1:4)Session 9 09 Dark in Heart, but Lovely to God (Song 1:5)Session 10 10 Her Journey Begins with Spiritual Crisis (Song 1:5-11)Session 11 11 The Bridal Paradigm: Foundational Truths (Song 1:12-17)Session 12 12 The Bride’s Identity and Life Purpose (Song 2:1-7)Session 13 13 Challenging the Comfort Zone (Song 2:8-17)Session 14 14 God’s Loving Discipline (Song 3:1-5)Session 15 15 Revelation of Jesus’ Safe Leadership (Song 3:6-11)Session 16 16 The Cherished Heart: Equipped to Love Jesus (Song 4:1-8)Session 17 17 The Ravished Heart of God (Song 4:9-5:1)Session 18 18 The Ultimate Two-fold Test of Maturity (Song 5:2-9)Session 19 19 The Bride’s Response to the Twofold Test (Song 5:8-6:5)Session 20 20 Jesus Praises Her after Her Season of Testing (Song 6:4-10)Session 21 21 Vindication of the Persecuted Bride (Song 6:11-7:9)Session 22 22 The Bride’s Mature Partnership with Jesus (Song 7:9b-8:4)Session 23 23 The Bridal Seal of Mature Love (Song 8:5-7)Session 24 24 The Bride’s Final Intercession and Revelation (Song 8:8-14)

Event: Forerunner School Of Ministry (2006)

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