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Session 1 Why Four Gospels? Their Unique Purpose and MessageSession 2 Overview of the Life and Times of Jesus ChristSession 3 Jesus’ Pre-existence and GenealogySession 4 Jesus and John: Birth to Manhood (Lk. 1-2; Mt. 1-2)Session 5 John’s Ministry and Jesus’ Temptation (Lk. 3-4)Session 6 John’s Loyalty and Jesus’ Early Ministry (Jn. 1:19-4:42)Session 7 Jesus’ Early Ministry in Jerusalem and Samaria (Jn. 3-4)Session 8 Jesus’ Ministry in Galilee (Mk. 1-2; Lk. 4-5)Session 9 Jesus’ Ministry (Jn. 5; Mt. 12; Mk. 3; Lk. 6)Session 10 The Twelve and the Sermon on the Mount (Lk. 6; Mt. 5-7)Session 11 Jesus’ Unique Power and Compassion (Lk. 7)Session 12 Seven Parables of the Kingdom (Mt. 13)Session 13 Jesus’ Power Over Nature, Demons, and Death (Mk. 3-5)Session 14 The Commissioning of the Twelve Apostles (Mt. 10)Session 15 Feeding the 5,000 and Walking on the Water (Mk. 6)Session 16 The Apostle John: His Threefold Spiritual IdentitySession 17 Defining True Discipleship (Mk. 7-9; Mt. 15-17)Session 18 Jesus’ Public Confession of His Deity (Jn. 7-10)Session 19 The Cross and Gaining Eternal Riches (Mt. 16:16-27)Session 20 The Lifestyle of a Disciple of Jesus (Lk. 10-11)Session 21 Discipleship and Leadership Lessons (Lk. 11-12)Session 22 Disciples Called to Live in the Light of Eternity (Lk. 12-13)Session 23 The Cost and Rewards of Discipleship (Lk. 13-16)Session 24 Necessary Attitudes and Actions of a Disciple (Lk. 17-19)Session 25 Jesus’ Resurrection and Ten Appearances

Scripture: Matthew 1

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