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Studies in the Bride of Christ (2010)
A Biblical Overview from Genesis to Revelation

Mike Bickle systematically covers the subject of the Bride of Christ, starting in Genesis and working through the Scripture to Revelation. In this 12-part series, Mike begins by outlining one of God's ultimate purposes for creation: to prepare a Bride for Jesus as his eternal companion. The essence of the message of the Bride of Christ is the revelation of Jesus' beauty, His emotions for us, and His commitments to us (to share His heart, throne, secrets, and beauty with us), and our response of wholehearted love. Mutual wholeheartedness is the foundation for intimate partnership with Jesus, as the first commandment takes first place in our lives. As women are called to be sons of God who experience His power, so man are called to be the Bride of Christ who encounters His heart. Both describe a position of great privilege for the redeemed before God, transcending gender.