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Studies in the Book of Joel (2010)

The prophet Joel gave a precise overview of the end-time events, including the outpouring of the Spirit, the Battle of Jerusalem, the Armageddon Campaign, and Jesus' millennial kingdom. Joel's message is essential for those who are called to be forerunner messengers. Joel teaches God's people how to respond in light of the coming end-time revival and crisis. His book is essential for this hour of history. Mike Bickle teaches verse by verse through the three chapters of Joel's prophecy. Please note: session 2 is actually a double teaching consisting of "The Day of the Lord" (session 2), and "The Great and Very Terrible Day" (session 3). This means that it displays below as if there is no session 3, as 2 and 3 are both taught in session listed as session 2. This same thing occurs later with "Military Invasions in God's End-Time Plan" (session 7), and "The Necessity of Day-of-the-Lord Preachers" (session 8,) which are both taught in "session 7," so no eighth session appears in the list.