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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mike Bickle?
Mike’s bio can be found here.

What is the International House of Prayer?
Click here for more information.

Can I make copies of the materials on your site?
Yes – we encourage you to make copies of the resources on this site and to help spread these resources far and wide.

I found a broken link or a resource that is not working – how do I notify you?
Notify us here of any broken links or resources that are not working – we appreciate your help in locating any problems.

Do you have any plans for translation into other languages?
Yes, we plan to begin immediately with translation into other languages. If you can help, please contact us here.

How often do you plan to add new messages from Mike Bickle?
We plan to always have Mike’s latest message available on this site within 24 hours.

Do you plan to add more material from past years?
Yes, we will be adding messages from past years as time goes by.

How do I download the audio or video files?
Different browsers handle this differently and most of them will try to play the file inside the browser. To download the file, simply right click on the download link (alt click on mac) and ‘save file as’.

I have tapes of MIke’s teaching from past years that are not on your site – what’s up with that?
We are planning to add Mike’s messages from past years as soon as possible. If you have anything from Mike’s preaching in the 70s or early 80s, please contact us here so that we can arrange to get a copy from you.