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E. M. Bounds: Books on Prayer (Public Domain)

The Essentials of Prayer

01 Prayer Takes in the Whole Man
02 Prayer and Humility
03 Prayer and Devotion
04 Prayer, Praise, and Thanksgiving
05 Prayer and Trouble
06 Prayer and Trouble (continued)
07 Prayer and God’s Work
08 Prayer and Consecration
09 Prayer and a Definite Religious Standard
10 Prayer Born of Compassion
11 Concerted Prayer
12 The Universality of Prayer
13 Prayer and Missions

The Necessity of Prayer

01 Prayer and Faith
02 Prayer and Faith (continued)
03 Prayer and Trust
04 Prayer and Desire
05 Prayer and Fervency
06 Prayer and Importunity
07 Prayer and Importunity (continued)
08 Prayer and Character and Conduct
09 Prayer and Obedience
10 Prayer and Obedience (continued)
11 Prayer and Vigilance
12 Prayer and the Word of God
13 Prayer and the Word of God (continued)
14 Prayer and the House of God

The Possibilities of Prayer

01 Ministry of Prayer
02 Prayer and Promises
03 Prayer and Promises (continued)
04 Prayer, its Possibilities
05 Prayer, its Possibilities (continued)
06 Prayer, its Possibilities (continued)
07 Prayer, its Wide Range
08 Prayer, Facts, and History
09 Prayer, Facts, and History (continued)
10 Answered Prayer
11 Answered Prayer (continued)
12 Answered Prayer (continued)
13 Prayer Miracles
14 Wonders of God through Prayer
15 Prayer and Divine Providence

Power through Prayer

01 Men of Prayer Needed
02 Our Sufficiency Is of God
03 Letter Killeth
04 Tendencies to Be Avoided
05 Prayer, the Great Essential
06 A Praying Ministry Successful
07 Much Time Should Be Given to Prayer
08 Examples of Praying Men
09 Begin the Day with Prayer
10 Prayer and Devotion United
11 An Example of Devotion
12 Heart Preparation Necessary
13 Grace from the Heart Rather Than the Head
14 Unction, a Necessity
15 Unction, the Mark of True Gospel Preaching
16 Much Prayer, the Price of Unction
17 Prayer Marks Spiritual Leadership
18 Preachers Need the Prayers of the People
19 Deliberation Necessary to Largest Results from Prayer
20 A Praying Pulpit Begets a Praying Pew

Prayer and Praying Men

01 Praying Saints of the Old Testament
02 Praying Saints of the Old Testament (continued)
03 Abraham, the Man of Prayer
04 Moses, the Mighty Intercessor
05 Elijah, the Praying Prophet
06 Hezekiah, the Praying King
07 Ezra, the Praying Reformer
08 Nehemiah, the Praying Builder
09 Samuel, the Child of Prayer
10 Daniel, the Praying Captive
11 Faith of Sinners in Prayer
12 Paul, the Teacher of Prayer
13 Paul and His Praying
14 Paul and His Praying (continued)
15 Paul and His Requests for Prayer
16 Paul and His Requests for Prayer (continued)

Purpose in Prayer

01 Prayer Is a Keynote
02 Prayer Can Change God’s Purpose
03 Prayer Has Conditions
04 Attitudes Regarding Prayer
05 Prayer Has No Substitutes
06 Characteristics of True Prayer
07 Pray Always
08 Men Are Called to Pray
09 Possibilities of True Prayer
10 Hindrances to Prayer
11 Prayer Opens up Divine Resources
12 Prayer Undergirds Revivals
13 Christ Commanded Us to Pray

The Reality of Prayer

01 Prayer – A Privilege, Princely, Sacred
02 Prayer – Fills Man’s Poverty with God’s Riches
03 Prayer – The All-Important Essence of Earthly Worship
04 God Has Everything to Do with Prayer
05 Jesus Christ, the Divine Teacher of Prayer
06 Jesus Christ, the Divine Teacher of Prayer (continued)
07 Jesus Christ, an Example of Prayer
08 Prayer Incidents in the Life of Our Lord
09 Prayer Incidents in the Life of Our Lord (continued)
10 Our Lord’s Model Prayer
11 Our Lord’s Sacerdotal Prayer
12 The Gethsemane Prayer
13 The Holy Spirit and Prayer
14 The Holy Spirit Our Helper in Prayer
15 Two Comforters and Two Advocates
16 Prayer and the Holy Spirit Dispensation

The Weapon of Prayer

01 Prayer, Essential to God
02 Putting God to Work
03 Necessity for Praying Men
04 God’s Need of Men Who Pray
05 Prayerless Christians
06 Praying Men at a Premium
07 The Ministry and Prayer
08 Prayerlessness in the Pulpit
09 Prayer, Equipment for Preachers
10 Preacher’s Cry, Pray for Us
11 Modern Examples of Prayer
12 Modern Examples of Prayer (continued)