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I am postponing the start of teaching the “Second Cycle” on the 150 chapters on the End Times to August 2023.

Why? In June 2021, I postponed starting the “Second Cycle” for a year to make time to focus on John 13-17. My plan together with Stuart initially was to cover all 5 chapters over a one-year period on Friday nights. Stuart and I were surprised by how our hearts were touched—we only made it through John 14-15 last year.

So our plan expanded—we hope to teach 6 series on John 13-17 (each consisting of 15 sessions) totaling 90 sessions over 2 years.

Over last year, I ended up investing about 30 hours in preparing each of my messages on John 14-15 as I researched, prayed over, and journaled extensively over each verse. I found it delightful, invigorating, and MORE, and so I desire to do the same over the next year with John 16-17.

I woke up last Thursday with a very strong awareness that if I start teaching the “Second Cycle” on the 150 chapters this August 2022, then I will not have the same focus in prayerfully preparing John 16-17. I must maintain the same intense focus on John 16-17 that I did on John 14-15.

Therefore, I am postponing the start of teaching the “Second Cycle” until August 2023.

I ask for prayer that the Spirit would empower us on Friday nights as we focus on John 13-17 over the next year.

Blessings, Mike